Unproductive Habits You Should Let Go

1. Distractions are acceptable

Distractions are something that we all experience. But there is no law that says you have to deal with them. You don’t have to give up your job if someone calls, texts or knocks at your door. They can be reached during your next break.

2. Not setting goals.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to turn your desires into tangible goals.

3. Too many goals.

You don’t want too many goals that you are unable to concentrate on the goal. Quality always wins over quantity.

4. Procrastinating.

The longer you delay something, the less likely you will feel like doing it. It’s worth it.

5. Too much television.

You might feel closer to your characters than you do to your friends.

6. Skip meals

Some days, I would get so absorbed in what I was writing that I forgot to eat. (Gasp! (Gasp! You can send your adrenal glands into overdrive without proper nutrition, which eventually depletes your energy levels and ultimately leads to burnout.

7. Spending too much.

If your finances are not in order, you won’t have any chance. Your health should be your first priority.

8. Giving up everything to help others.

Your life is yours. Your time is your most valuable resource.


9. Do not write anything down.

It helps you to remember what you want and need. It’s a great way to clear your mind and keep you focused on the present moment.

10. Structure is not important.

Sergeant Crazy, you don’t have to create a schedule. You can be more creative by having a routine for morning and evening that you can rely on to help you take risks throughout the day.

11. Not taking breaks.

No matter how short the time, your mind and body both need to be able to relax. If you feel restless or irritable, it is a good idea to take a few deep breaths and regroup before you become completely exhausted.

12. Multitasking.

Studies repeatedly show that dividing your attention leads to poor quality work and mental stress. You will feel more accomplished if you do single-tasking.

13. Personal tasks can be done when you have the time.

If you don’t see the benefits in your personal life, what’s the point in working hard? Even if you’re busy, make sure to do the minimum. This will ensure that your home isn’t a reflection of your stress level.


14. Over-committing.

You can easily let your excitement and ambition get the better of you. This could lead to you saying “Yes!” to everything you are offered. Instead, you can say “I’ll be back to you” to give yourself time to review your obligations and determine if you really have the time.

15. Try to be perfect.

Ah, perfection. Even though we know it doesn’t exist, we continue to obsess over every detail, wasting precious time on tasks that are more important. It’s time to stop doing this.


16. Avoiding decisions.

Tough decisions can be, well, difficult. If you can’t make tough decisions, someone or something will.

17. Unnecessary information.

Mental clutter is more overwhelming to me than physical clutter. One email address, one checking and one savings account is all you need. Reduce the number of mailing lists that you are a subscriber to and you can concentrate on what is really important.

18. Neglecting your own health.

If you are exhausted, your ambitions will be futile. Get regular exercise, eat healthy food, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night.

19. It is possible to start something but not finish it.

You can break down any project you are working on so that you don’t feel intimidated by the task of completing it. You will spend 90 percent of your energy on the last 10 percent. Make it count!

20. Refusing to admit your errors.

Neglecting your mistakes and blaming others will not help you improve your life or help reach your goals. Recognize your mistakes and learn from them.