What foods can ensure you don’t gain weight this winter?

The holiday season is here.

It’s more than just weight gain. Winters can affect immunity and lead to mood swings. They can cause us to feel more hungry than usual.

Comfort food cravings

Winter is a great time to be positive, and to make the most of what you already have.

Our guts produce happiness neurochemicals called serotonin (or dopamine) which are known to be happy chemicals. Winter is a time for comfort food.

Seasonal changes can affect hormones that regulate hunger and satisfaction. Winter also saw more saturated fats for participants.

Scientists believe that evolution may have contributed to an increase in hunger during colder months.

What should you have on your plate

Lifestyle and winter eating can help reduce mood swings, food cravings, and other lifestyle issues.

A 2018 study found that omega-3 fatty acids were powerful mood boosters.

To increase fiber-rich vegetables, try soups. Healthy immunity is possible by taking vitamins and minerals.

Winter is the best time to make lentil-vegetable soup. This soup includes green beans, green beans, spring onions, mushrooms, green beans and green beans.

Binging and winter blues are very common. You may need to seek medical attention if you experience severe mood swings, depression, and frequent emotional eating episodes. This is much more difficult when it is cold.