What Causes Conception To Fail? Top 10 Causes Of Failed Pregnancy?

Both the male and female partners play a role in conception and reproduction. Infertile couples are those who fail to conceive in a given time period of one year. This time limit will be reduced to six month if the female partner is over 36 years old. Lifestyle, genes, and age all play a role in conception. While it is important that you learn how to improve these variables and make them more positive, doctors warn that they are not all easily controlled. These are the ones that can be managed and controlled. Most life factors can be altered to some extent. Rosewalk Healthcare Consultant, Dr. Helai Gusta.

The Contributing Factors: A Failed Concept

8.1% of couples have difficulty conceiving worldwide (60 to 80 millions people). Although low-income countries have high fertility rates, infertility rates vary from 22% to 29% South Asia and 29% in some sub-Saharan countries. The range is 8-16% in India, depending on which state you are. Millions of people worldwide are affected by infertility. The majority of childlessness in low-income countries or patriarchal societies is caused by women. This means that conception is more socially constructed than it is medically. This leads to further delays in conception.

Factors that impact conception can affect both partners. Some are common, while others may have an effect on one of them.

These are all common factors.



Eating disorders

Metabolic disorders

Genetic factors

Environmental toxins

Alcohol and toxins

Radiation exposure

Infections and STDs

Hormonal disorders


Risk factors for infertility in women and men

These factors can cause infertility in either of the partners. Other risk factors can also lead to infertility. These are the top risk factors for female partners.




Reproductive system anomalies

These are the risks that male partners must take:

Low Sperm count


Ejaculation problems

Tumors and diseases of the male reproductive system

Sperm antibodies

Undescended Testicle

Mail factors are responsible for approximately one in six couples experiencing infertility. Infertility can be caused by male factors in 30% of cases.